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What do you know about decimals?

What do you know about the Metric System?

You learned about a "personal reference" for measuring length. Take a photo of 3 objects that you could use as a personal reference:
  • 1 for milimeters,
  • 1 for centimeters and
  • 1 for meter.

  1. Upload your three photos.
  2. Add a caption for each picture to describe your choices.
  3. Write a sentence to explain the idea of a "personal reference."

The paper is 1 milimeter in width.
The hole in the pants is 1 inch long.
The right side od the door is 1 meter from the doorknob.

The idea of a personal reference is that you can have it almost anywhere you go, like... my pants:-D
By: Julia
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Aidan_and_Paul's_pictures_003.jpg This is a light switch. It is one centimeter. hooper_001.jpg This is a template. It is one millimeter. hooper_002.jpg This is a meter. The meter goes up to the doorhandle.