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Exploring the Regions of the United States

The Peopling of the United States

A Train Tour of the Northeast:

Visit the websites listed for your topic to learn more. Use your focus questions


Geography of the Northeast

History of the Northeast

Economy of the Northeast

Our Government

Lowell, Massachusetts (Life in the Mills)

Cotton, Cotton, Cotton!

Workers Needed

Why Did They Come?
Long Hard Days

Women Speak Out

Population Density and Life in the Northeast

//**How does population density relate to housing**//?
How does population density relate to jobs?
How does population density affect transportation?
How does population density affect the environment?
How Does population density affect recreation?

Vocabulary Word
web resource
a thickly populated region centering
in a metropolis or embracing several metropolises
external image tmgb_above_b.jpg
relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSZQK8KtVD-8uOgTZaaNOkYT6_MpZkvY7FxumpF6UvA7A2mmU_K
the mass of a substance per unit volume
external image usa-2000-population-density.gif
the dialect of English spoken in most of the Chesapeake Bay area, the coastal plain and the greater part of the upland plateau in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and the Gulf states at least as far west as the valley of the Brazos in Texas and sometimes taken to include the south Midland area
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Inventing New Ways of Living

2. Create a digital procuct that will help students answer the questions:
  • How did modern cities change to be like they are today?
  • What do inventors have to do with city life?

Inventing New Ways of Living
Building Higher and Stronger
Moving People Here to There
Early Road Travel

Northeast Comic Directions

A Bus and Boat Tour of the Southeast

Jamestown simulation

Geography and Life in the Southeast



external image moz-screenshot.png

The Southwest

Hoover Dam
Guthrie Oklahoma, Land Rush
Colorado River and John Wesley Powel
Havasupis in the Grand Canyon
Colorado River Compact
San Antonio, TX (The Alamo)



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