News from Singapore

created by the students in Ms. Voight's 5th grade class, Singapore American School
made using NewsMaker

Questions these students have for you...

recorded by Sterling "Bug", from Ms.Vaught's class, Singapore American School
How might your class respond?
  1. Whats the weather
  2. What is your favorite activity not in school
  3. Has it snowed yet
  4. Whats your favourite subject
  5. Alot of snow ball fights?
  6. Whats the hottest it can get
  7. Do wish you could wear a uniform
  8. What do you think it would be like at our school
  9. Do want to visit singapore and why or why not
  10. What is your community like
  11. Whats your favorite book
  12. What are your favorite sports
  13. Is it safe in your community
  14. What kind of food do you eat there
  15. What is your favorite football team
  16. Hows the cafetera food
  17. What are your favorite sports teams
  18. How many times have you moved
  19. How much homework do you get
  20. If you've been on a plane
  21. Have you ever travled out of your county
  22. Are you alowed to eat gum in class
  23. Have you ever seen a wild monkey other than your self
  24. What is the most intresting animal seen in your country
  25. If you had to choose if you wanted to eat alot of chocolate of alot of vegtables which one would you choose
  26. Do you celebrate UN day in school
  27. Do you get homework on the weekends :-(
  28. has the monkey ever attacked anyone ? :p

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